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Natura Mirabilis journey

This photographic journey is designed as an invitation to discover both the biodiversity of the chateau’s park and the secret places of Oiron, “Small city of character”.

The exhibition, presented from June to September, comprises 39 photos spread over 27 large format panels which constitute a poetic anthology of the park's biodiversity.

It is the result of a year’s exploration by 13 photographers from the Camera Natura association : Gaëtan Alexandre, Maryvonne Boudreault, Michel Boudreault, Mathieu Boullant, Susan Burgess, Éric Chabot, Marie-Claude Cogny, Isabelle Fortuné, Jean-Jacques Fouquet, Michèle Lepeintre, Madeleine Liaras, Bernard Mariteau and Marie Whitead.

To follow the route (and possibly download it), click here.

The links below allow you to access the information for each panel :