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Natura Mirabilis – Panel No. 3

Located on rue du château, this panel shows four photos (60 x 60 cm).

The upkeep of the Château d’Oiron’s park without resorting to chemical methods, and respecting the environment, helps to maintain a rich biodiversity. This particularly favours the appearance of different species of mushrooms, such as this small specimen which could be a Parasola galericuliformis.

105mm – f/4,5 – 1/125 s – 200 ISO

The carpenter bee or black bumblebee is observed in sunny places rich in flowers. Solitary or living in a small colony, it found, in the dead wood of the chateauchateau’s park, the substrate necessary for its eggs. It digs long galleries and generally remains faithful to its place of birth. It fulfills its role of pollinator wonderfully.

100 mm – f/5 – 1/2000 s – 500 ISO

This Bee Beetle (Trichius rosaceus) is far too busy gathering nectar on this field scabious flower, preserved thanks to the unmown areas of the chateau lawns, to notice the presence of intruders. From the Cetoniinae family, this very hairy beetle loves flower petals.

100mm macro – f/11 – 1/80 s – 100 ISO

This dog Rose looks delicate and fragile. The Dog Rose (Rosa canina) nevertheless has astonishing virtues. The flowers have a slightly laxative effect and preparations based on rosehip, the false fruit of the Dog Rose, are used in particular to prevent flu and colds. Which is enough to hold out when the cold season arrives, and even beyond.

164 mm – f/5.6 – 1/1100 s – 200 ISO