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Natura Mirabilis – Panel No. 13

This photo (120 x 80 cm) is located at Place des Badauds.

Meadow sage is the most common wild sage. It loves limestone soils and can grow up to one metre. Foraging insects, such as bees, bumblebees or butterflies, ensure its reproduction. The plant is clever: when the insect reaches the bottom of a young flower, the stamens tip over and cover it with pollen. By visiting a neighboring flower, the insect will deposit pollen on the pistil of a mature flower.

100 mm macro – f/13 – 1/160 s – 200 ISO

On the cartel

At the foot of the Saint-Maurice collegiate church, the meadow sage fears neither winter frosts nor the great droughts of summer. It stands stoic, proudly raising her stems with intense blue flowers.