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Natura Mirabilis – Panel No. 27

This photo (80 x 120 cm) is located rue des Quinconces. She finishes the course.

The Hummingbird hawk moth ‘(moro-sphinx’ in French)is so-called for its resemblance to the hummingbird. This is a species of diurnal butterfly known for its ability to forage while hovering. Among its favorite foods are lavender flowers. It owes its French name ‘sphinx’ to the raised posture of the caterpillar when resting, evoking the shape of the mythological creature.

105 mm macro – f/8 – 1/400 s – 100 ISO

On the cartel

Along the arcades, tufts of lavender commune with the stone. They form the setting for a perpetual dance in which the hummingbird moth competes for the spotlight with the damselflies.